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Pioneering digital art in the region, InfinityArt was founded with the aim of helping to present art and play an active role in the digital revolution taking place in the cultural sector.

InfinityArt is a private entity, based in Dubai contributing to the Creative Economy by focusing on diversity and innovation with their inaugural project being the immersive art experience, Infinity des Lumières, opening in The Dubai Mall in 2021.

Culturespaces Digital Network

Infinity des Lumières collaborates with Culturespaces to bring a world-renowned concept to the region, pioneering immersive digital art in the Middle East.

Founded in Paris, France, in 1990, Culturespaces is the largest private organization managing public museums, monuments and art exhibitions. As key players in the global cultural landscape, the Infinity des Lumières and Culturespaces partnership with offer the Middle East a unique experience that transforms how art is experienced.

Barco remarkable storytelling and lasting impact for Infinity des Lumières

Barco offers a full portfolio of high-performance visualization and processing technology to create larger-than-life visitor experiences. As the exclusive provider of projectors for Culturespaces’ world-wide digital art exhibitions, Barco helps to create an innovative, immersive multi-media museum experience for Infinity des Lumières, a new digital art center in Dubai (UAE).

Previous Culturespaces projects with Barco projectors have proven to be successful. The French cultural organization already created digital art centers in Paris, with the Atelier des Lumières, in Les Baux-de-Provence, with the Carrières de Lumières, and in Bordeaux, with the overwhelming Bassins de Lumières, a digital art center in a former World War II submarine base. With the new Infinity des Lumières project, Culturespaces demonstrates its determination to bring its innovative immersive experiences with Barco technology outside of France, to the rest of the world.

Dubai Culture

In line with DUBAI CULTURE’s vision and strategic roadmap 2020-2025 aimed at strengthening Dubai's position as a global centre for culture, an incubator for creativity, and a thriving hub for talent, as well as in line with its commitment to stimulating creative industries to transform the emirate into the capital of the creative economy, Dubai Culture is supporting Infinity des Lumières in creating an empowering platform for Dubai’s creative talents and a cultural experience for everyone everywhere.


Van Gogh

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Dreamed Japan

Step inside an amazing dreamlike space, where the poetically beautiful world of 19th century Japan floats all around you, blending seamlessly Hokusai’s portraits with enchanting landscapes and marvels of the sea, by transforming them into a virtual reality so vivid and powerful you’ll feel the wonder in every moment. …. Read More  →


Sensational and sensorial delight, Verse is a hypnotic, metaphysical journey by Thomas Vanz. A whirling extravaganza of wondrous images demonstrating the magical beauty and harmonious movement of the cosmos, amplified with the harmonies of an orchestral piece composed with Jonathan Fitas. …. Read More  →