Art to Space


Infinity des Lumieres

Skyrocket your artwork to space

Call for all young space explorers!

Infinity des Lumières x AzurX
Are excited to share an absolutely out of this world experience.
To celebrate the latest announcement about UAE’s international cooperation on space exploration and participation of the first Arab astronaut to the 180-day mission in the International Space Station, Infinity des Lumières invites all young space explorers to immerse in the galactic journey of Destination Cosmos to get inspired by the stars

سارعوا بالحجز

Draw your postcard that will launch to space and back on a New Shepard rocket, a crew-rated suborbital launch vehicle developed by Blue Origin.
You will receive your postcard back certified with a “Flown to Space” stamp.

With this initiative, Infinity des Lumières and AzurX, UAE’s space and technology key stakeholder and strategic advisor to Blue Origin, enable the youth of UAE to think big and imagine the future in a smart, but fun way, through a shared frontier that is space.


• BUY YOUR TICKET and receive your blank postcard at the Infinity des Lumières counter at the venue

• DRAW your Destination Cosmos inspired masterpiece and fill the postcard with your details. You’ll find all materials at the reception.

• DROP it in the box

• Infinity des Lumières and AzurX will make sure your postcard will reach the stars onboarding Blue Origin Rocket.

سارعوا بالحجز