Visionary Rhythms

Raise Vibration is an immersive journey where we connect with the inner selves of Gaudi, Kandinsky, and Klee. It is an experience of spiritually living the art by seeing and remarkably hearing. As music was more than an inspiration to the three artists, adding melodies to their work is more like indulging in a daydream.

Gaudi, Kandinsky, and Klee were passionate about rhythms. The warm vibrations in their art captivated hearts and unified their work. These vibrations inspired Infinity des Lumières and the exhibition.

The multi-sensory exhibition is a space that takes the visitors’ spirits on a ferry to the emotional universe of the artists. A magical affair that mesmerizes the audience into a state where they can feel and co-create the beauty of the art.

سارعوا للحجز الآن




Gaudi’s imagination teleports the viewer into a magnificent alternative reality. His artwork radiates the touching relationship he had with God and nature. Vibrating light was dominant in his art, providing warmth and creating a beyond reality universe of beauty. Gaudi was an artist-architect; his art had the mind of a scientist and the soul of an artist.

سارعوا للحجز الآن




Kandinsky's hand played melody through colors. His heart-warming art connected humans to their inner selves and proved that paint and music are perfectly intertwined. Those who consume Kandinsky's artwork can hear and feel the urge to move. His color palette and abstract art are rich with profound emotions that dive directly into the soul.

سارعوا للحجز الآن




Klee was a limitless dreamer. His upbringing in a family of musicians turned his brush into a plectrum that generates rhythms. His magnificent work proved his theories about how art and language interact in ravishing harmony. The paintings of Klee can easily captivate the viewer's eyes and ears and melt them under one magnified sense.

سارعوا للحجز الآن