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Entertain, amaze, inspire your guests at the region’s largest immersive digital art centre!

Infinity des Lumiѐres offers infinite possibilities to ENTERTAIN, AMAZE, INSPIRE, with an event brought to life, as a mesmerizing immersive experience, through a dynamic fusion of innovative design, technology, art, and hospitality!





Our fascinating space is a perfect fit for hosting amazing and memorable private events like cocktails, parties, and dinners. Our unique space is also ideal for organizing infinitely engaging and exciting corporate events, conference seminars, workshops, teambuilding, press conferences, product launches and any other kind of corporate celebrations. The magnanimous space also allows you to plan innovative and creative cultural events like exhibitions, concerts, plays, award ceremonies and event launches.


Infinity des Lumiѐres is the REGION’S LARGEST IMMERSIVE DIGITAL ART CENTRE in the region, with a grand 2,700 m2 and an impressive 3,300 m2 projectable surface.

Infinity des Lumiѐres provides event spaces to pull off multiple events happening on the same day in different venue locations that display sophistication, innovation, and attention to detail to give your event that added touch elegance and class.


The state-of-the-art technology, including 130 laser projectors and 38 spatial sound speakers, offers inspiring presentation options and dynamic visual effects, to match the style, theme and mood of your event, as well as your brand and your audience.

Offer your guests a unique opportunity to embark on an unforgettable journey through iconic masterpieces transformed into contemporary digital artwork and a spectacular, multi-sensory and vibrant fusion of light, colour, sound and movement.

Our exclusive catalog provides an exciting selection of images and atmospheres, to match the theme and mood of your event, as well as your audience

Immerse your guests in a fascinating multimedia show designed exclusively for your event, brand and occasion, by our digital creation experts.

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