Experience the limitless imagination of Gaudi in a one-of-a-kind experience that combines light, movement, and sound. All in our immersive art centre.

Gaudi’s artwork has the magical ability to teleport the viewer into a magnificent alternative reality. Get the chance to indulge in his art through pioneering digital technology, vibrant colours, delicate shapes, and mesmerizing music. An experience that aims to captivate all your senses.

The exhibition showcases the spiritual art of Gaudi that radiates the special relationship he had with God. The unique combination of light and vibrations opens up infinite new perspectives of truly feeling Gaudi’s vibrating light that provides warmth and creates a beyond-reality universe of beauty.

The stunning visual and inspiring musical work representing Gaudi’s artistic world is produced by Culturespaces Digital and directed by Cutback Studio.


Antoni Gaudi

Antoni Gaudi was a Catalan architect. He made significant contributions to contemporary art. His stunning buildings embodied Barcelona's Modernisme interpretation of Art Nouveau. Gaudi studied architecture as a means of expressing inventive shape. He was influenced by religion, Spanish culture, and the structural logic of nature.

Cutback Studio

Cutback Studio was founded in 2007 by Romain Perussel, Thomas Bellenger, and Greg Lecourt. Since then, the studio has become one of the most competitive French video stage design agencies. Cutback Live has provided graphic stage design for big artists, prestigious television shows, and virtual sets for musicals for more than 12 years.





Kandinsky's hand played melody through colors. His breathtaking art had a magical mix of both worlds. The heart-warming paintings of Kandinsky connected humans to their inner selves and proved that paint and music are perfectly intertwined. Those who consume Kandinsky's artwork can feel the energy. A couple of paintings are enough to take the viewer to a world full of melody notes. His color palette and abstract art are rich with profound emotions that dive directly into the deepest part of the soul.

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Klee was a limitless dreamer. His upbringing in a family of musicians turned his brush into a plectrum that generates harmonical rhythms. Klee's magnificent work proved his theories about how art and language interact in a ravishing connection. The art of Klee can easily captivate the viewer's senses. The eyes and ears melt into one magnified sense whenever the visitor observes a Klee. The irony and hunch in his hopeful compositions set his art apart from the artists of his generation.

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Dubai Data


A groundbreaking data painting experience, developed exclusively for Infinity des Lumières by the world-renowned Ouchhh studio. A fascinating temporal and spatial experience featuring Dubai data - groundbreaking in redefining art through knowledge, innovation and multi-sensory immersion.

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