Infinity des Lumières and Dubai Culture, cultural partners to strengthen city’s art and culture offering

Infinity des Lumières
30 May 2021
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
• Immersive digital art centre scheduled to open in Q2 2021
• Presents fusion of cutting-edge technology and brilliant artistic expression

• Home to largest digital façade in The Dubai Mall

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 30 May 2021: Infinity des Lumières, the GCC’s largest immersive art centre, has collaborated with Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) as cultural partners to strengthen the emirate’s position as a city of the future through a unique digital art experience.

This partnership will mark the beginning of a new era of digital artists. Through the support of Dubai Culture’s sophisticated community of talents, Infinity des Lumières aims to create a niche community where tech-driven artists have a place to gather and innovate. The art centre also seeks to create a platform where digital artists can present their creations for the world to marvel.

Hala Badri, Director General of Dubai Culture, said: “Infinity des Lumières is a new and innovative experience in the world of technology-based arts in the GCC, and its launch in Dubai is an addition to the emirate’s thriving creative scene. At Dubai Culture, it is our pleasure to be supporting such a pioneering centre via our partnership through which we seek to strengthen the emirate's position as the city of the future and an incubator for talents and creative entrepreneurs. Our partnership with Infinity des Lumières stems from our keenness to advance the future of art in Dubai as well as enhance the role of modern technology in the artistic and cultural works found in the emirate; the tremendous and innovative potential provided by the centre will improve the experience of art and culture for visitors. This partnership also aligns with our ambitious strategic roadmap and contributes to achieving the objectives of the Dubai Creative Economy Strategy that aims to transform Dubai into a preferred destination for creatives from all over the world and the global capital for the creative economy; it will also double the contribution of the creative sector to Dubai's total gross domestic product. Through this cooperation, the Authority seeks to support, encourage and nurture local talents by acting as the link between Infinity des Lumières and the creative community, providing them with future prospects for cooperation as well as with creative products, while highlighting and promoting artistic outputs and enhancing the opportunities for artists’ works to flourish.”

Visitors to the digital art centre will be able to experience an unforgettable, multi-sensory journey as the arts of Van Gogh, Dreamed Japan, and Verse come alive before them. Spread over an impressive 2,700 square metres, Infinity des Lumières has created an innovative, technology-driven art and cultural platform using 130 projectors, 58 speakers, and an incredible 3,000 HD digital moving images.

In addition, Infinity des Lumières is also home to the largest digital facade in The Dubai Mall – a magnificent art projection with a total display area of 200 square metres – where mall-goers will be captivated with living dynamic art. The centre will also feature a boutique, where art lovers can revel in an exquisite collection from the region and beyond.

“Dubai is a vibrant and vital crossroads for an incredibly diverse variety of industries, and we are honoured to receive Dubai Culture’s support for the art centre. Infinity des Lumières is a dynamic, innovative and engaging multi-layered cultural platform for people to encounter art, experience it in a new way, and radically change the approach to art appreciation,” said Catherine Oriol, director of Infinity des Lumières.

Through this partnership, we solidify our commitment to elevate the emirate’s portfolio by bringing our world-class expertise to the region and delivering a superior art and culture experience. With the support of Dubai Culture, we look forward to creating a strong local platform for Arab talents in the near future.”

Dubai Culture is committed to supporting a prosperous future for the cultural and creative sector by encouraging and empowering creative talents in the United Arab Emirates, preserving and celebrating the emirate’s rich heritage, and ensuring that culture reaches everyone. The Authority seeks to contribute to strengthening the cultural footprint of the UAE on the global stage as well as ensuring its growth and the sustainability of its business prosperity.

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