Infinity des Lumiѐres announces its new summer exhibit; Art of The Future in the City of the Future

Infinity des Lumières
19 May 2022
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Feel the infinite whilst travelling through DESTINATION COSMOS and exploring DUBAI DATA between 19th May - 20th September

On Thursday 19th May, Infinity des Lumières will be launching a cutting-edge digital immersive exhibition which pays homage to the city of the future, including the futuristic DUBAI DATA which perfectly compliments its future-oriented masterpiece, DESTINATION COSMOS.

DESTINATION COSMOS is a tribute to the UAE’s impressive space achievements, and is a partnership between Infinity des Lumières, the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) and the French National Centre for Space Studies (CNES). The exhibit seeks to enhance the passion for innovation and scientific exploration, introducing digital art as a means for people to connect and learn.

Using data as paint and algorithm as a brush, DUBAI DATA has been created by AI. Inspired by the city, this exhibit redefines the future of art, with the purpose of crafting an epic digital art experience through knowledge, innovation, and multi-sensory immersion, challenging the traditional understandings of creativity and the nature of technology.

The two mind-blowing and mind-bending exhibitions are tailored for the curious and inquisitive, and are an absolute must-experience for art and technology lovers alike, alongside scientists, space enthusiasts, futurists, gamers, techies, artists, performers. By providing immersive experiences, Infinity des Lumières establishes itself as a space for innovation where a fresh, tech-driven approach attracts a younger, wider, and more engaged audience, contributing to the UAE’s creative economy.


The ultimate immersive digital art experience in the Middle East, and the biggest digital art venue in the GCC, aims to enrich human knowledge of the universe by bringing the future of art to Dubai. This exhibit is is a spectacular immersion into the infinity of the universe, the wonders of space exploration and the dazzling beauty of the solar system.

“COSMOS” begins in the dark, followed by a stunning starry sky which fills the studio. Once the lines (which are traced to draw the constellations) appear, mythological figures whose names they bear slowly start to emerge. Followed by a succession of ancient sites built by the pioneering civilizations of astronomy, the art continues, illustrating stargazing techniques from different eras and cultures, followed by archival footage from the space race between the USA and the USSR.

Part 1 of the exhibition, titled The Land and its Surrounding, includes Kourou, the gateway to the stars, followed by The Earth, our home, and A joint project: THE ISS, reflecting a real laboratory in orbit, where space scientists, astronauts, and cosmonauts cooperate to advance science.

The Solar System (Part II) showcases Helios, a magnificent image of solar eruptions which fill up Infinity des Lumières’ entire hall. Mars, the red planet, shows when Mars was first observed from its orbit whilst Chouri: The new Rosetta Stone, embarks guests through the Rosetta space mission, which tried to decipher the origins of life on earth in an atmosphere tinged with mystery. The Gas Giants, is a journey to the two largest planets in the solar system, whilst The Limits of the Solar System, takes guests on a flight over Uranus, Neptune and mysterious trans-neptunian objects.

Sidereal Space (Part III) incorporates Read the past, The Milky Way: one galaxy among many others, a dezoom which begins to operate from the observation probes until discovering the Milky Way in its entirety, and A Grain of Dust, where the dezoom continues until the hall is plunged into darkness.


The DUBAI DATA exhibition derives from the diversity of Dubai’s nature, presented as an innovative artistic journey through its amazing landscape, experienced as complex structures and powerful abstractions of reality.

A huge data corpus collection relating to Dubai’s nature, landscape, and natural elements, including temperature, sound of the city, wind, sand and ocean, alongside a fascinating water and desert animation, has been taught to artificial intelligence, analyzed and processed. As a result, the exhibit creates a mesmerizing temporal, spatial, multi-sensory experience, integrating art, science, and technology.

With its data, Dubai itself both inspires and co-creates this exhibition and serves as a bridge between the audience and the various dimensions and aspects of the city. As such, DUBAI DATA is a future-oriented tribute to the city of the future, and reflects the profound need to explore and discover, experience, feel, to understand and connect.

Infinity des Lumières’ newest exhibit is a visionary approach that is based on multi-sensory experiences, where the audience does not need any prior knowledge or expertise, but is free to feel, to experience, to co-create, being at the centre of the art, at the centre of the exhibition, which revolves around their numerous viewpoints and diverse perspectives.

Adults who purchase their ticket online can expect to pay 125 AED, or alternatively pay 150 AED onsite. Children (aged between 3 to 13 years old) tickets are priced at 75 AED, and those below the age of 3 years old can enter for free, upon proof of age.

People of determination can enjoy the exhibition for free however must provide proof of disability, and companions of people of determination can pay just 75 AED upon entry.

The destination, located on level 2 of Dubai Mall opposite Galleries Lafayette, is open from Monday to Thursday, between 10am – 10pm, and from Friday to Sunday between 10am – 11pm.

For more information or to book your tickets, please click on the link here:

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