Infinity des Lumiѐres partners with Club for the Future and AzurX to launch “Postcard to Space Campaign”

Infinity des Lumières
24 May 2022
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Ready to take off? Young space explorers are invited to skyrocket their artwork to space whilst taking a galactic journey through Destination Cosmos

To celebrate the latest announcement of the UAE’s international cooperation on space exploration, alongside the first Arab astronaut’s 180-day mission in the International Space Station, Infinity des Lumières invites all young space explorers (below the age of 18) to take part in its all-new Postcards to Space initiative in collaboration with Club for the Future and UAE-based Space specialists, AzurX.

Inspired by the stars, all young visitors can now receive their very own blank postcard at the Infinity des Lumières counter once their ticket is purchased. Participants are challenged to be as creative as possible whilst they draw their Cosmos inspired masterpiece and fill in the postcard (all materials will be handed across at reception), which can then be dropped in a designated mailbox.

After experiencing Destination Cosmos, the ultimate immersive digital art experience in the Middle East, each postcard will be launched into space*, and return on a New Shepard rocket, a crew-rated suborbital launch vehicle developed by Blue Origin. It will then be returned to its recipient stamped “Flown to Space.”

With this initiative, Infinity des Lumières and AzurX (a key stakeholder in the UAE’s space and technology sector and a strategic advisor to Blue Origin), are enabling the youth of the UAE to think big and imagine the future in a smart, but fun way, through a shared frontier that is space.

The destination, located on level 2 of Dubai Mall opposite Galleries Lafayette, is open from Monday to Thursday, between 10am – 10pm, and from Friday to Sunday between 10am – 11pm.

*These will be delivered by Infinity des Lumières' own team of magical astronauts.

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