The relevance of digital art in Dubai

Infinity des Lumières
21 November 2021

In current decades, the UAE art market has been frequently growing and changing. In the countries of the Middle East, it starts to act in various roles and evolves into a tool of self-identification for whole nations.

Its borders are clouding - the gap between the worlds of material and digital art is evolving less and is less noticeable; the latter allows local skill to represent itself worldwide.

Digital art normally referred to as multimedia or new media art, encloses an infinite number of works made with or influenced by computers, gadgets, software, and communication networks.

Examples of such works can be viewed at Infinity des Lumières, the GCC largest digital art centre.

It is created with the help of digital technologies, of which there are many today. It is a rather difficult direction, as it requires the artist not only to develop creative skills but also a high level of knowledge of various programs.

Digitalization of the UAE

The approach of change and digitalization of the art market in the UAE, and in particular, in Dubai, is not much distinct from the changes of other industries:

- it extends the audience of specialists;
- makes extra options for collectors and artists;
- presents the latest standards for innovative expression.

The UAE funding heavily in the growth of the digital art industry, as it is simply related to the country's financial diversification approach. Besides, the UAE is taking a lot of actions aimed at introducing inventions in different areas, specifically art. The dynamic digitization plays an essential function, donating to the creation of large-scale digital libraries of regional art, open to both local and foreign societies.

Digital art Dubai

It is a trendy industry for everybody, not withstanding geography. However, in some countries, it establishes itself much quicker than in others. Dubai embraced digital art with open arms. Thanks to powerful institutional help and the occurrence of a considerable number of artistic organizations associated with digital art, this sensation was evenly distributed in the country and slowly shared with the people, and underrepresented social classes obtained a fresh and available tool for self-expression and representation of socially significant issues.

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