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Entertain, amaze, inspire your guests at the region’s largest immersive digital art centre!

Infinity des Lumiѐres offers infinite possibilities to ENTERTAIN, AMAZE, INSPIRE, with an event brought to life, as a mesmerizing immersive experience, through a dynamic fusion of innovative design, technology, art, and hospitality!

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Discover the most innovative field trip experience

Discover infinite possibilities to educate, engage and inspire your class with our three immersive, multi-sensory exhibitions, and an innovative field trip, specifically designed to activate and engage all the senses, stimulate critical thinking, expand worldviews and explore different perspectives.

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Previous Exhibitions

Van Gogh

Van Gogh’s famous artwork pulses with life, as a spectacular, one-of-a-kind experience. Through pioneering digital technology, vibrant colours and delicate shapes waltz and swirl to mesmerizing music, moving ingeniously across expansive, innovative spaces, captivating all your senses. Read More  →

Dreamed Japan

Step inside an amazing dreamlike space, where the poetically beautiful world of 19th century Japan floats all around you, blending seamlessly Hokusai’s portraits with enchanting landscapes and marvels of the sea, by transforming them into a virtual reality so vivid and powerful you’ll feel the wonder in every moment. …. Read More  →


Sensational and sensorial delight, Verse is a hypnotic, metaphysical journey by Thomas Vanz. A whirling extravaganza of wondrous images demonstrating the magical beauty and harmonious movement of the cosmos, amplified with the harmonies of an orchestral piece composed with Jonathan Fitas. …. Read More  →

Hajar Almatrooshi on Google
“Most beautiful and creative museum of art
We enjoyed taking pictures, videos, relaxing and contemplate. No word can describe the beautiness of this art”
Leah Lo on Google
“Enjoyed the experience with my friend yesterday. A must visit for any art lover as it is a completely new experience to see such artworks being presented in a different format.”
Edwin Shabu on Google
“Wonderful place , must visit with family and friends, And this is the biggest digital art gallery I have ever seen 100 % Must suggest to others”
Nigel Wooding on Google
“Stunning spectacle of Vincent - intense colours and mind-blowing special effects that show every brush-stroke. His magnificent art is captured so impressively. A 'must-see'”
Cláudio Cardoso on Google
“Dubai needs more art installations like this. Clean, organized and very welcoming.”

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