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Infinity des Lumières
22 November 2021
Infinity des Lumières is the largest and most innovative digital art centre in the Middle East, providing diverse audiences with infinite possibilities to be at the centre of art, fully immersed and connected to it.

Presenting infinitely imaginative immersive exhibitions that fuse great art with music and innovative technology, Infinity des Lumières brings the future of art to Dubai, as a mesmerizing, memorable, multi-sensory experience.

With 3,300m2 of projectable surface, 58 speakers and 130 projectors transmitting 3,000 moving images, iconic masterpieces and contemporary artwork come to life as an infinitely fascinating fusion of colour and light, sound and rhythm, animation and movement.

Art is no longer static and rigid, silent and only visual, predetermined and confined, but becomes dynamic and fluid, powerful and exciting, pulsing with life, infinitely captivating.


The city of the future, Dubai, was chosen as the perfect location for this pioneering cultural platform, because of its multicultural environment, strategic growth vision, and accelerated development path, which includes an increased demand for new, innovative art and culture offerings.

In embodying the future of art and diffusing it to diverse audiences, Infinity des Lumières mirrors Dubai’s vibrant energy and creative flux, contributing to its creative economy and prestige within the region.

The innovative approach of Infinity des Lumières, focused on extraordinary experiences and unforgettable impressions, blends right into the cultural landscape of Dubai, complementing the grand feats of architecture, design, and art of this incredible city.


Through its very essence Infinity des Lumières pays homage to the history, heritage and landscape of Dubai.

The minimalist design of the venue embodies the infinite freedom of the desert, while the architecture is inspired by the iconic Al Fahidi Fort - the oldest standing structure in Dubai - a symbol of people coming together, to share experiences, to grow and expand through visionary ideas.

The feeling of infinity, as experienced on top of a dune in the middle of the desert, is mirrored in the name of the venue, and encapsulated in the signature scent that welcomes visitors in the main reception area, taking them on a bespoke olfactory journey and creating long lasting connections.

Infinity des Lumières transposes the feeling of the infinity of the desert, as poetic and magical, into the comprehensive, immersive experience of art.


Expanding the concept of infinity the venue powerfully epitomizes the universal aspect of art, and the infinite possibilities it has to engage, inspire and transform. Born out of a desire to revolutionize traditional ways of portraying, viewing and understanding art, Infinity des Lumières makes art accessible and inspiring to everyone, regardless of age, language, culture, nationality, educational background or artistic interest and knowledge.


Infinity des Lumières presents three diverse exhibitions, embodying the infinite beauty of nature. Our main exhibition is dedicated to the genius of Vincent Van Gogh, and traces the evolution of his art from dark tones and sombre themes in his native Netherlands, to bright, vibrant colours in Paris, inspiring scenes of country life and vividly beautiful nature in Provence, showcasing the profound influence of Japanese art on the artist. It includes powerful self-portraits as well as Vincent’s correspondence with his brother Theo. The world of this great master comes to life through 163 images, moving ingeniously across the expansive space, while vibrant colours and delicate shapes waltz and swirl to 15 mesmerizing music compositions.

The second exhibition is infinitely poetic in recreating the dreamlike world of 19th century Japan, through 240 images, set to 8 complementary music pieces. “Dreamed Japan” is dedicated to the fascination of Van Gogh and other European artists of the time with “Japonisme” and the meaning of Ukiyo-e art as “floating world pictures.” Captivating portraits of geishas and fearless samurai warriors seamlessly blend with enchanting landscapes and impressive waves, while wondrous sea creatures and delicate soaring lanterns take you on a curious adventure.

The third exhibition, Verse, explores the wonders of the universe and is created specifically for the Infinity des Lumières Contemporary Room by Thomas Vanz, with ethereal harmonies composed by Vanz and Jonathan Fitas. Showcasing the magical beauty and harmonious movement of the stars, Verse takes us on a captivating journey through the universe, with colossal explosions of colours, reliefs, shapes and sounds.


Through infinitely imaginative immersive exhibitions, Infinity des Lumières demonstrates the power of art in transforming people’s perceptions, acknowledging the essentiality of individual feelings and perspectives in experiencing and appreciating art.

This fresh, ingenious approach embodies the future of art, as a synthesis of innovation and connection, enabling Infinity des Lumières to spread a profound passion for art to people of various ages, diverse cultural backgrounds, different art appreciation levels and interests, uniting them culturally.

As a space of cultural openness and integration, Infinity des Lumières is where audiences intersect and connect; local residents and international visitors, art lovers and museum enthusiasts, as well as people who rarely visit traditional spaces and exhibits, all come together to create new connections through shared artistic experiences and unforgettable immersive journeys.
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