Digital art is the new progressive wave of the future

Infinity des Lumières
19 November 2021

Our world is becoming more and more modern, and art is also improving.

Art is a way of creating, no matter what materials and tools will be used. When we talk about art galleries in Dubai, we talk about things that excite society, about the emotions of the creator. These works are presented in Infinity des Lumières.

In modern times, digital art has gained great momentum. And gadgets are creative tools with which you can express your vision of form, color, composition.

Digital art is the new progressive wave of the future

There are plenty of them around the world, but one of the first lines is occupied by galleries in Dubai, they are recognized as the most technologically advanced and new.

At Dubai art galleries like Infinity des Lumières, it's not about how a piece is made, but how important it is to the art community around the world. And the art work creates a topic with reasoning for the audience or helps create a new reality. Moreover, Infinity des Lumières doesn’t just want the artworks to be seen, but also wants viewers to search for the meaning of the art works.

Digital art in our time is a great component of the world, a very popular and promising direction that gives new life to creations. Famous galleries such as Infinity des Lumières are located in Dubai and this is no coincidence, because in Dubai they invest a lot of money, effort, creative ideas in creativity, they are also looking for many talented creators. Infinity des Lumières is located in the Dubai Mall.

Top digital art centre in Dubai

Infinity des Lumières: New, stylish, modern gallery that never ceases to gain momentum. Its peculiarity is that the canvases of world-famous artists are projected onto large screens. To do this, Infinity des Lumières provides 130 video projectors that broadcast the images in the art centre. This art centre in Dubai has a boutique that can be accessed directly from Dubai Mall.

Infinity des Lumières intends to draw public attention to the problems and prospects for the development of digital creations. Infinity des Lumières with viewers, artists and future collectors, wants to find the best exhibition solutions, explore the possibilities of promoting the art market, help everyone explore emerging styles and trends. Infinity des Lumières is listed among the top 5 art galleries in Dubai.

What will you get from visiting?

Of course, Infinity des Lumières was created for people from all over the world to have the opportunity to take part in the wonderful world of art and feel completely new impressions and emotions.

By visiting Infinity des Lumières, you can experience art in a whole new way.

See the masterpieces of famous artists and discover new works by contemporary artists.

All this time, when viewing the works of the creators, great music will accompany you.

Visual and audio effects will give the impression that you are discovering a new world of art for yourself.

Check it out by purchasing a ticket. Infinity des Lumières offers digital reproductions of paintings by Vincent van Gogh and the work of Japanese artist Hokusai. Guests will be able to «be transported» into the endless space, which was created by the famous artist and director Thomas Wanz. Guests do not leave the Infinity des Lumières dissatisfied and the gallery gets a lot of positive feedbacks.

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