Entertain, Amaze, Inspire your guests @ The most fascinating event space in Dubai!

Infinity des Lumières
15 January 2022
Entertain, Amaze, Inspire your guests @ The most fascinating event space in Dubai!

Infinity des Lumières is now open as an infinitely innovative, immersive and fascinating event space - a dynamic fusion of innovative design, technology, art, and impeccable hospitality, where you can entertain, amaze and inspire your guests, with spectacular and unforgettable private, corporate and cultural events.

As the largest immersive digital art centre in the region, with a grand 2,700 m2 and an impressive 3,300 m2 projectable surface, Infinity des Lumières can host up to 800 guests. There are 3 different layout options - cocktail, banquet and conference - perfect for private, corporate and cultural events, from memorable dinners and parties to exciting celebrations, from engaging conferences and seminars to stunning product launches, as well as imaginative concerts, plays, and spectacular award ceremonies.

The state-of-the-art technology, including 130 laser projectors and 38 spatial sound speakers, brings events to life as mesmerizing, dynamic, multi-sensory experiences, offering inspiring presentation options and dynamic visual effects, to match the style, theme and mood of your event, as well as your audience. You can immerse your guests into the current digital exhibitions, taking them on an unforgettable journey through the future of art, where iconic masterpieces and contemporary digital artwork come together in a spectacular synthesis of light, colour, sound and movement. You can also select from a catalogue of exciting still images and animated atmospheres. Or our digital creation wizards can create an exclusive show, so you can wow your guests with a fascinating multimedia immersion, designed and personally branded specifically for your event.

Our location, with The Dubai Mall, is both amazing and convenient, with easy access and ample parking, and is also accessible for people of determination.

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