Discover the exclusive VIP experience - Very Immersive & personalized

Infinity des Lumières
02 January 2022
Discover the exclusive VIP experience - Very Immersive & personalized

Infinity des Lumières presents an exclusive VIP experience, and invites you to explore and discover the region’s largest immersive digital art centre, from your unique perspective. []

The VIP experience starts with a dedicated arrival, at our impressive immersive facade - the largest digital facade within The Dubai Mall, and a personalized greeting from your dedicated VIP host, who will introduce you to the special concept of Infinity des Lumières, as you embark on an exciting multi-sensory journey through light, sight, sound and scent.

The experience continues in the VIP lounge, with a welcome ceremony that includes refreshments and an inspiring presentation about the innovative technology, ingenious digital artists, iconic masterpieces, specially created digital artwork, and the infinitely imaginative exhibitions - each a unique combination of colour, animation, movement, sound, and rhythm, embodying the infinite beauty of nature.

Our esteemed VIP guests are then invited to immerse themselves into the three infinitely fascinating exhibitions, to experience art in a completely new way, with the freedom to explore, discover and feel every moment, every colour, every sound. The VIP experience encompasses also a curated adventure, with a dedicated personal shopper, through the bespoke selection of art-inspired design items and innovative cultural brands in the Infinity des Lumières exclusive boutique. Find the perfect present, take the magic of Infinity des Lumières with you, or share your love of art by giving the “gift of experience” - a truly one-of-a-kind gift and for an infinitely unique experience.

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