From July 2021 to May 2022

An imaginative and transformative immersion where each moment, each step, each sound brings a new, dynamic perspective and sparks a myriad of emotions. An imaginative and transformative immersion where each moment, each step, each sound brings a new, dynamic perspective and sparks a myriad of emotions.

Step inside an amazing dreamlike space, where the poetically beautiful world of 19th century Japan floats all around you, blending seamlessly Hokusai’s portraits with enchanting landscapes and marvels of the sea, by transforming them into a virtual reality so vivid and powerful you’ll feel the wonder in every moment.

Using the most innovative digital technology to create a marvelous interplay of light, colour, sound and rhythm, the exhibition vividly embodies the meaning of ukiyo-e art, as “floating world pictures.” Fascinating animations of geishas and samurai warriors bring history into the 21st century, while Hokusai’s iconic waves, sea creatures and soaring lanterns take you on a curious adventure, full of new discoveries, memorable experiences and feelings of awe, happiness and joy.

This exhibition was chosen to accompany the main exhibition dedicated to Van Gogh, in recognition of his fascination with “Japonisme.” The production, by the Danny Rose Studio, with L. Frigola, C. Peri, S. Carrubba and P. Ciucci, pays homage to the widespread influence of Japanese 19th century art, culture and tradition on famous artists of the time.



DANNY ROSE is a visual creation studio that creates and produces immersive audiovisual works (architectural projections, interactive installations, museography, theatre, music, and opera). A collective of multidisciplinary artists, the Studio’s artistic approach focuses on the creation of a synesthetic and immersive experience, by developing a concept of sensorial narration and using the latest video screening and sound spatialisation technologies to transform the exhibition space and take the general public right into the heart of the works.

The Japanese artistic movement known as Ukiyo-e began in the seventeenth century and ended in the nineteenth century. The iconographic work carried out by the Danny Rose Studio for ‘Imaginary Japan’ provides a glimpse of the great diversity, richness, and modernity of the works from this period. Some of these artists, with whom the public is very familiar, are presented, such as Hokusai (1760–1849), Kuniyoshi (1797–1861), Utamaro (1753–1806), and Kunisada (1786–1865). Particular attention has been paid to the choice of complementary music, from the compositions of Ryuichi Sakamoto (born in 1952) to The Sea by Claude Debussy (1905), which was inspired by Hokusai’s Great Wave, and the incredibly fast rhythms of Japanese drumming.





Gaudi had a limitless imagination. His artwork has the magical ability to teleport the viewer into a magnificent alternative reality. Gaudi's art radiates the special relationship he had with God and nature. He was indeed spiritual. Gaudi admired light and vibrations. Vibrating light was a dominant element in his art, providing warmth and creating a beyond-reality universe of beauty. As an artist-architect, Gaudi had a bit of two worlds. He had the mind of a scientist and the soul of an artist.

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Kandinsky's hand played melody through colors. His breathtaking art had a magical mix of both worlds. The heart-warming paintings of Kandinsky connected humans to their inner selves and proved that paint and music are perfectly intertwined. Those who consume Kandinsky's artwork can feel the energy. A couple of paintings are enough to take the viewer to a world full of melody notes. His color palette and abstract art are rich with profound emotions that dive directly into the deepest part of the soul.

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Klee was a limitless dreamer. His upbringing in a family of musicians turned his brush into a plectrum that generates harmonical rhythms. Klee's magnificent work proved his theories about how art and language interact in a ravishing connection. The art of Klee can easily captivate the viewer's senses. The eyes and ears melt into one magnified sense whenever the visitor observes a Klee. The irony and hunch in his hopeful compositions set his art apart from the artists of his generation.

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Dubai Data


A groundbreaking data painting experience, developed exclusively for Infinity des Lumières by the world-renowned Ouchhh studio. A fascinating temporal and spatial experience featuring Dubai data - groundbreaking in redefining art through knowledge, innovation and multi-sensory immersion.

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